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Shop Entrance Security Guards

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Shop Entrance Security Guards

Covid Pass Verification Guards


Covid-19 Shop Entrance Security Guards


We can provide static on-site security guards with experience in dealing with the public to explain the new Covid-19 Traffic Light system and any other Covid-19 safe operating practices which you may have in place for your business.

Our security guards can use the official app to scan people’s Covid pass QR codes out the front of your business and verify your customers have been fully vaccinated prior to being allowed to enter your business.

We can also ensure that everyone complies with the other Covid-19 restrictions such as: scanning of your business QR Codes, minimum spacing distance, encouraging sanitizing practices along with enforcing the wearing of masks.


Retail stores are facing the increasing need for superior retail security. Thieves routinely fill their bags with merchandise and exit the store undetected. Meanwhile, employee theft can occur right under management’s nose. Fortunately, with Guardex Security guarding your site we can provide the right plan of action to put a stop to theft within your retail business.


As people turn to the likes of theft and fraud unfortunately it’s your business that suffers the consequences both financially and reputably. But this shouldn’t and doesn’t have to be the case with Guardex Security guards on hand watching and patrolling the site.


Whether you need to consider and or hire supermarket security guards, shop security guards, professional retail store detectives, shopping centre security, department store security guards, shop front security guards or any other retail security services Guardex Security have got you covered 24/7.


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