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CCTV Monitoring Services

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CCTV Monitoring Services


Benefits Of Having Your CCTV System Monitored

Deterring crime is one of the most widely known benefits of CCTV monitoring. A CCTV security system installed at your premises will deter all kinds of burglars, intruders, and any criminals planning out illegal activities.

In businesses even, having CCTV monitoring ensures that all workers and customers stay in line. A staff member would think twice before doing something they’re not supposed to. For shop owners, CCTV monitoring helps keep shoplifters at bay.

However, it is important to remember that when you are recording the activities of individuals, you have certain legal obligations you need to meet.

In high-risk places, having the area monitored through CCTV cameras brings peace of mind to the owners. Some homes and businesses are in high-risk areas or have been victims of break-ins and burglaries before. They need to be extra careful and take the necessary precautions to avoid any such incidents from happening again.

CCTV monitoring services are a real Godsend especially for when you are away from your business. Knowing that your premises are being monitored and kept safe in your absence is a true blessing and enables you to enjoy your time away, especially if you’re on a holiday.


We are security company driven by customer satisfaction and here is why you should choose us for all your CCTV needs:

  • We can design, supply, and install a range of commercial CCTV systems.
  • We have qualified security specialist engineers to help you every step along the way.
  • We do not compromise on quality and ensure your utmost safety by installing only high-quality, state-of-the-art CCTV equipment.
  • We’ve been in the security industry since 2016 and are specialists at what we do.
  • We provide full training on equipment provided. We won’t just install your CCTV monitoring system and leave. We always make sure our customers are comfortable with the equipment and know-how to use it properly.
  • You can call us even if you already have a system installed. We can add additional cameras to your existing systems or reveal vulnerabilities.
  • We can recommend and guide you to make improvements to your CCTV systems including better positioning of the cameras.
  • We provide timely appointments to our valued customers. We would hate for you to wait.

Guardex Security offers cost effective CCTV installation and monitoring services utilizing the best brands and equipment available on the market. We also provide other security services like mobile security patrols, static site guards and alarm response callouts to cater for all your security requirements. Keep your business or property safe and securely protected with Guardex.


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