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VIP Security


Executive, Close & VIP Protection Services

We understand that International Executives, Development Staff and VIP’s face increasingly complex security concerns and as such we offer personalised security services accordingly.

We offer a complete range of protective services and understand the nuances of working in different environments. In particular, we specialise in identifying and mitigating risk while helping clients to protect their families, reputation, physical property and financial value. Our close protection and VIP service includes but is not limited to:

Executive Protection

Our operatives provide discreet, immediate close protection and continually advise our clients on local and regional security issues.

Protective Surveillance

This low-profile approach is used to protect clients who wish to maintain their individual profile while being safe in the knowledge that a responsive security team is close at hand should an unplanned situation arise.

Security Drivers

The addition of a security driver ensures that our clients are transported by a vetted and emergency trained driver. This service can be further enhanced by the use of an escort vehicle and additional close protection operatives should an elevated security profile be required.

Counter Surveillance

On occasion, more complex situations can arise. Intelligence or information may be obtained to suggest that our client is under observation. In this scenario, we can complement and support existing protective measures with the use of a counter-surveillance team who will observe and identify third party interest. The ultimate aim of this service is to identify those involved while providing covert intervention measures designed to deter, delay or deny any further surveillance.


We Are Ready To Protect:

  • Business Executives
  • Development Staff
  • Diplomats
  • VIP’s
  • News Correspondents & Film Crews



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